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Finding The Right Loans

Breaking Down 3 Common Myths About Posting Bail

April George

Many people's sources of information about how the bail process works come from watching television shows and movies. However, what is portrayed in television shows and movies is not always accurate. Here is the truth about common myths about the bail process that are enforced by Hollywood. It is important to know the truth, so you know how to proceed when you are arrested.

Myth #1: You Can Only Make One Phone Call When Arrested

In movies and television shows, when someone is arrested, there is always a classic scene where they must decide who to call with their one phone call that they get to make from jail.

The truth is, once you are arrested, you are not limited to one phone call. However, all outgoing phone calls from jail are collect calls, so whoever you are calling must accept the collection charge so you can talk to them.

You can make as many phone calls as you need, so you can call your attorney, call a few friends, or even call a bail bond company on your own. You will have more than one chance to contact someone who can help bail you out of jail.

Most bail bond companies will accept your collect call from jail and will talk with your directly about getting the bail bond process started.

Myth #2: Bail Is Often Denied

Another myth that is enforced by Hollywood is the idea that you have a high chance of getting your bail denied. If you are facing your first arrest or an arrest for what is considered a small crime, there is a very low chance your bail will be denied.

Bail is not denied that often, and if it is, it is generally for a good reason, such as having skipped out on bail before or having been accused of a serious violent crime. For most crimes, some sort of bail will be set.

Myth #3: The Judge Has Full Control Over the Bail Amount

When it comes to how much you will be charged for bail, movies like to show dramatic scenes where the bail is set to some outrageous amount by the judge. In fact, the process of setting jail is a very regulated process that is overseen by a judge.

Generally, there are guidelines and standards in place, with established algorithms to determine how much the bail amount is. Factors that impact bail amount tend to center around the crime you are accused of, your past criminal history, and sometimes your age.

When it comes to the bail process, don't believe everything you see on television. You can make multiple calls in order to get help arranging bail. In most cases, you are unlikely to be denied bail, and the judge will use an established algorithm to set your bail amount.

To know more about getting bail bonds, contact a bail bond company near you.


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