Finding The Right Loans

Finding The Right Loans

Self-Employed & Want A Home? Two Tips To Help Make It Happen

April George

Each day, more and more people decide to leave the rat race and start working for themselves. The rate of self-employment has grown quickly and doesn't show signs of stopping. You are likely one of the people who decided to take the plunge by becoming an entrepreneur in your own right. Business is going well and you've now reached a point where you are financially sound enough to purchase a home. One question that may plague you is how you'll be able to secure a home loan without the typical documents that some banks require. Take a look at a few things you can do to circumvent the norm and finally obtain the home you've always wanted.

Seek Out A Bank Statement Home Loan

The old way of acquiring a home loan may have been sufficient when the overwhelming majority of the workforce was comprised of W-2 employees. Individuals with this status could simply present their yearly W-2 statements to a financial institution to prove their income. However, the rise in self-employment has caused banks to take a second look at how they evaluate an applicant's worthiness. These banks understand that people who work for themselves may need alternative ways to prove their financial flow and they've created the bank statement home loan to meet this demand.

Bank statement home loans are essentially backed by the strength of the money that shows up in your account on a regular basis. For example, if you sell products and the proceeds go into your account, this will show up on your monthly statement. You can then provide these documents to the bank in order to demonstrate that you do indeed have a steady flow of income.

Direct All Funds To A Single Account

If you want to increase your chances of qualifying for a bank statement home loan, it's a good idea to have all of the money you make deposited into a central account. The sooner you can start this before applying for the loan, the better your odds of being able to provide proof that the funds come in on a consistent basis. This is key because banks will generally need to see statements for several months so they can be sure you have enough income to pay your note without undue duress.

You've taken a major step by starting your own enterprise. Keep the momentum going by applying for a bank statement home loan today. For more information, contact a company like NewFi Lending.


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