Finding The Right Loans

Finding The Right Loans

How Much Money Does A Bail Bond Agent Charge?

April George

Do you need a way out of jail right now? Do you have someone who can pay your bail for you, or do you have cash in the bank you could use? If you have no options for coming up with the money you need to get out of jail, call a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent will assist you with your release, and you will not need a lot of cash. In fact, you may not need any cash at all, or you might need a fraction of the bail bond cost. Here is how this works.

You Call a Bail Bond Agent and Request Help

The first step with using a bail bond agent is making the call. You must call an agent in your area for help to start the process. Making this call does not guarantee that the agent will accept your case and bail you out. It will provide you with answers, though, and it might be the solution you need to get out of the local jail. When you call, the agent will need to know who you are. Therefore, the agent will ask for your name, address, social security number, and other details. The agent needs this information to determine if they will help you or not.

Your Agent Researches the Case and Explains the Details

One of the primary things a bail bond agent looks at is your criminal history. Are you a repeat offender, or is this your first charge? If you are a repeat offender, do you have a history of skipping court hearing? A bail bond agent is not likely to help you if you have a history of not showing up for court. If your history is clear, the agent will proceed with the arrangement.

The agent will probably tell you that you must pay a 10% fee before they can help you get out of jail. You have options for paying this, though. You could use cash or a credit card if you have one of these. You could also use collateral, such as a car title, jewelry, or electronics. You must come up with something that is worth the 10% fee if you want the agent to bail you out.

If you agent bails you out, you are indebted to this agent until the court settles your case. If you have questions, call a bail bond agent today.


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