Finding The Right Loans

Finding The Right Loans

Why A USDA Mortgage Might Be Your Best Option

April George

If you do not meet the criteria needed for a conventional mortgage loan, have you evaluated the USDA loan program? The USDA loan program is a unique option you should consider if you do not qualify for other loan types. This loan program provides a way for people to buy homes even when they do not have great credit or a perfect financial picture. Here are some of the top features offered through USDA mortgage loans.

You Can Buy a House Without a Down Payment

The first feature of a USDA loan that might interest you is the down payment requirements. You do not need cash down to buy a house with this type of loan. You can buy one with no money down, and this is one of the primary reasons people turn to USDA loans. One of the hindering blocks that stops many people from purchasing homes is the money needed for a down payment. If you have no money to put down, investigate this program. It might provide a way for you to become a homeowner, even if you do not have money to buy a house.

They Offer Competitive Terms

The second feature you will find with USDA loans is competitive terms. The interest rates offered through these loans are equal to the rates available with other loans. Therefore, you will not have to worry about paying a higher interest rate because you have no down payment. You will get a great rate that is in line with rates that other mortgage programs offer.

You Will Need Mortgage Insurance

If you do not put money down on the purchase, your lender will charge an extra fee. This fee is for mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is something that protects the lender that issues the loan, and you must pay this if you do not put a lot of money down.

You Will Have to Limit Your Home Search

The other quality of a USDA loan that you must know about is the limits on what homes you can buy. You cannot use a USDA loan for all house types. You must limit your search for a home to rural areas. If you are not sure exactly how to do this, talk to a real estate agent. He or she can help you locate homes that qualify for these loans. If you would like to learn more, call an agent today or talk to a loan officer.


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