Finding The Right Loans

Finding The Right Loans

Does A Preapproval Guarantee A Mortgage Loan Approval?

April George

If you are preparing to shop for a house to buy, your real estate agent will ask you if you are preapproved for a mortgage. If you are not, you will need to get preapproved. Many people do not understand what preapproval is, though, and they believe that it guarantees a loan. Preapproval does not secure a loan, though, and here are several things to understand about how this works.

Preapproval Shows You Meet the Criteria

Getting preapproved through a lender is a process that requires a lot of steps. You must submit documents to a lender during this and fill out an application. A lender verifies your income, credit, and financial picture during this stage. The purpose is to ensure that you meet the criteria for a loan. If you meet the requirements, the lender will preapprove a mortgage for you.

You Must Meet the Criteria to Go from Preapproval to Approval

If a lender preapproves you, it means there is a good chance you will get approved for a loan. Approval for a loan is not the same thing as preapproval, though, and this is vital to understand. To get approved for a loan, the lender repeats the same steps of verification. The lender verifies your income, credit, and finances once again. If you once again meet the criteria, you should have no trouble getting the loan approval.

The House You Choose Affects the Deal

One crucial detail to know is that the house you select affects the deal. Your lender will go through steps to find out more information about the house you want to buy before they approve the loan. One vital step is the appraisal. Your lender needs to know the current value of the home you want to buy before issuing you the mortgage. If the house is not worth the price you offered, you might experience trouble in the loan process. The lender also verifies the title of the house and many other features related to the home you want to buy. These are all critical factors that may affect your ability to get a loan.

Getting preapproved is a vital step to take, but you should see now that it does not guarantee a loan. If you want to make sure you meet the criteria when you choose a house, avoid any changes to your credit, job, and finances. You can learn more about applying for a loan by talking to a mortgage lender


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